We provide Innovative and Cost-Effective Industrial Solutions and Separation Equipment

Our company, with its headquarters in Switzerland, is an essential partner for the process and separation equipment, and for professional engineering solutions.

Kenvell’s team of specialists is closely linked to the basic principles on which the company was founded: passion for innovation, efficiency and constant search for advanced solutions to the most complex problems.

Kenvell Group

Since it was founded, the Group has developed continuously, setting new standards and following the changes that are characteristic of the industrial world view. The Kenvell Group‘s operative business is divided into two company divisions: Kenvell Process Equipment and Kenvell Engineering that offers a complete range of services and products.

Process Equipment

Kenvell Process Equipment division sells worldwide its range of separation equipment in the industry, including vibrating sieves, screeners, self-cleaning filters and iron removers to ensure that liquids and powders are safe from contamination. With our highly experienced team and our worldwide sales partners, we are international leader in our business field.


Kenvell Engineering division was established by a team of specialists with a wealth of expertise in the management and implementation of consulting and research projects in various fields related to plastic materials. Kenvell’s employs highly specialized human resources and relies on a network of highly qualified partners and laboratories.

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